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Season: 2016-2017

It has already begun. All events in Caffè-Scienza Firenze on twitter  @caffescienza

Have a look at the programma-2016-2017 and follow it via streaming.

Season: 2015-2016

It has already begun. All events in Caffè-Scienza Firenze on twitter  @caffescienza

Have a look at the programma-2015-2016 and follow it via streaming.

Season: 2014-2015

Programma 2014-2015 

Follow via streaming your favorite sessions. All events in Caffè-Scienza Firenze on twitter  @caffescienza and facebook or Google +.

Good News. Franco Bagnoli and his show "Fisica di tutti i giorni" at Fête de la science 2014 (

Season: 2013-2014 

Follow via streaming your favorite sessions, and watch them on youtube

Caffè-Scienza in Florence is a informal and free meeting which explores the latest novelties in science and technology. The format is simple: a short introduction to the evening’s topic, while taking a coffe (or other); then there’s a time of questions and discussion. Everyone is welcome to ask a question or make a comment. The very best: you don’t need to be a scientist to enjoy the evening. Just come with an open and enquiring mind.  

The aim of Site Caffè-Scienza Firenze is presenting this initiative and people behind it. Provides information, contains suggestions for futures events, contains also information on past and current events and the agenda with the upcoming meetings, comments from all participants: guests and general public. Here there are valuable documentation from previous years in Archivio and also a ideas box (Questionari) for your suggestions, your critical comments, and where you can fill out a form to propose topics for discussion. In general you can visit the Mappa del sito and find all available information.

Have a look at the program of this year, there is an English description of the events. Surely among all topics will be more than one that is interesting to you.


  • Caffè-Scienza classic. Usually held once a month. After a motivating introduction of the topic by the two experts led by moderator, people discuss and ask.
  • Caffé-Scienza junior. Same structure, but in relevant issues to young people. 
  • Cafferenze. In this new type of meeting (began in 2010), the format is similar to a conference and the expert talk is longer. This happens in the restricted topics (highest level of technical difficulty, or other specifical difficulties...) but also the audience can participate and is encouraged to do so.
Caffè-Scienza in Florence was launched in 2004-2005. And so more than fifty meetings have been held in these years. Caffè-Scienza is managed by the cultural association with same name. Its origins are in a group of scientific researchers from University of Florence, interested in promoting scientific culture.

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